Turnbull Green's ninth and final record ”External Fixator” is out today in correspondence with Bandcamp's revenue waiving #BandcampFridays. Please consider purchasing the record and or sharing it with others to do so.

While your at it, perhaps consider also indulging in these other works of art we fancy quite a bit.

There are many labels and artists making donations to various efforts in solidarity with racial equality and the renouncement of police brutality today. Please consider contributing to such and educating yourself on these hard pressed cultural standings. We love you. Thank you.

Hey there. Were back and have some songs we would like you to enjoy. (At best, listen to.) Have you heard of Soundcloud?

Remember Turnbull Green? Here is an edit by Nashville's Braxton Nations of the song "Wee Lil' Dragon" from his 2013 Debut LP "The Wolf In You".

Secondly, the Howardian offshoot single "Residuals".

Be well.

Long time no post. How are you? Why don't we reacquaint ourselves with a live performance we here at Take A Record deem pleasurable, perhaps even informing. Listen to Traps PS live at The Smell in their hometown of Los Angeles below.

..and secondly a mix from our friends over at paa to smooth over any lingering complexities.

Thanks for your patience.

Limited edition B&W zine of all original works by Ian E. Newman created during the period of writing and recording his 2017 CDR "Self Titled" are now available for purchase. Each zine includes a printed download code for the album itself as well as 20 pages of original artwork. Individually numbered of 25. Pick one up here.

All great works don't go noticed. All great artists aren't seen. The long debate of whether deemed unfortunate, or showered in integrity will carry on for ages to come.

There was a time when dormant cultures would happily burrow in dirt long before sprouting to a viable harvest for others to consume. Much alive, their spirit, and essence would reverberate beneath the surface. A tremor moving to burst the cusp of land, or for this matter, our consciousness. A natural process. Mystical, in it's power, force, offering. Unscathed from manipulation, moving only inherently. A joy, and innocence accompanies it's origin. All before breaking through, and completely changing life as we know it. Perhaps, at that point, becoming violent.

Some say this process no longer is available to art or music, creativity. That there is no opportunity for anything to exists beneath the veils of our mass - market interest. The underground cultures of our past seem lost only to coffee table books, and Pinterest references. No room for process. Barely time for product. Is anything sacred? Are the only potential identities available "relevant" / "e-relevant"? Good or bad? Swipe left or right?

Roots, foundation, pure intent. With nine albums prior, Coin Locker Kid's latest album "The Holy" prevails long past seed, and into flower. A charmed work. Enchanting from beginning to end. Ripe with space, and time. Fortifying a unified existence, demanding nothing more than it's reflection (when angled correctly). Or is it yours?

TARtv - "Gun Outfit - Teardrops (Classic Hell on Earth)" (Official Live Film) Directed by Mike Stoltz. Sound by Chris Cohen.

"We shot this performance on 1600′ of twenty year-old Fuji 8652 color negative 16mm film (some artifacts of this expired stock are visible in the image). The camera used was an Aaton Super 16 camera with a 25mm lens. The sound was taken directly from the board mix and synced during post-production.

There were a lot of unknowns with this performance, so the approach taken with the camera was one of surprise. I was seeing and hearing these versions for the first time through the camera on my shoulder, a cyclops stumbling upon this performance in a manicured non-space tucked away amidst opulence and beauty. Daniel scripted narrative events that would take place in the audience throughout the set, one of which you see here in this excerpt.

Shortly after their performance at the Getty Gun Outfit christened their new tape machine setup, and I wanted to be there to capture it on film. The band's core and I set up in their home studio under artificial lighting.

The combined imagery you see represents two ends of the document perspective - the curious camera trying to capture bits and pieces of a confident, well-practiced expanded version of the band juxtaposed with a tightly composed scene of the musicians experimenting with a piece of recording equipment for the very first time."

- Mike Stoltz

Gun Outfit will be on a nationwide tour April 10 - May 13. Dates below.

TARtv - "Howardian - Different Dogs (Official Video)" Directed by Kurt Buchmeier

TARtv - "Olivia Neutron-John - March (Official Video)" Directed by Olivia Neutron-John. Director of photography Jen Dessinger. Lighting Design by Heather Strange.

New mix from our favorite Philadelphian noise maker Carrie Ford. This one is called "Hammy" and sure to make you fidget across the dance floor.

If you're in the area (Philadelphia) tomorrow (2/1/19) and looking to do so in real time, read more about the opportunity here.

Alive until the first frost. A glimpse of color, light, and hope in the dwindling fall landscape. Pulling away from warm autumnal hues, moving closer to the cold void of winter. Whats left behind, a mere glimpse of that which was. An empty space. The latter. Dancing gently with the fragile illumination of a single candle's voice.

Take A Record is happy to welcome singer/songwriter Dominick Diglio and his self titled debut EP "Holy Gifts" to its roster/catalog.

The first self titled EP released by Holy Gifts is a product of 7 years of work. Recorded between October 2017 to July 2018 in New Jersey and Baltimore, this first release is a short example of the scope of the band as a singular entity. Using basic rock trio formations, textural synths and subtle additional sound, the 6 songs of this release range topically from religious contemplation ("Plastic Mary") to the beauty of loss ("Everything").

You can catch Holy Gifts live next Wednesday (11-7-18) at The Pharmacy (1300 S. 18th St Philadelphia, PA) in South Philadelphia. Doors at seven, show at eight.

Turnbull Green's 2013 "The Wolf In You" (originally released as a 2x 12in" LP on Daylight Curfew), featuring Broccoli Rob, Dave Cassolino, Benn Grim, Anthony Morales, and Thimali Kodikara is now available on all digital platforms.

420: A (not so secret) code unifying grass smokers through (rumored) police violation identification numerology. Any chance to celebrate these three numbers becomes a good one to the stoned. Including, the calendar date April 20th. This past April (4/20/18) our friend Ian Vanek released "A Jamaica Estate of Mind" with "Jamaican Versions" of previous released songs of the Howardian catalog. Recorded in Jamaica (Queens). Once electronic hip-hop based / structured songs where transformed into a full band presentation, mirroring more of a explosive live performance than a perfected home studio offering. The outcome is fluid, electric, and alive. Most of all, as usual, fun. A chance to go outside among your friends. Sweat a little, talk, dance, and possibly get into some trouble, rather than peering at their projections of the "good life" on a LCD screen. If you are in NYC this month, and looking for a chance to do so, it just so happens that Howardian are playing on the 29th at Gold Sounds Bar with a handful of others. Download "A Jamaica Estate of Mind" and prepare yourself for a night of mystery below.

About two months ago, to the day, Traps PS released their first studio album outside of their own imprint Papermade. The band caught the eye (and ear) of Los Angeles based label Innovative Leisure, and released their seventh record New Chants with them. Not only the most creatively developed of their catalog, the longest as well. Traps PS pride themselves on their short compositions, with a no bullshit approach. Direct and to the point. Two songs, and nine minutes longer than 2015's Real Corner Shock (their longest LP to date). "New Chants" gives just enough time to get to know the in and outs of the bands intentions, (emotionally and intellectually) right before leaving with a Irish Exit. Nobody wants to stay behind to long, to ware out the excitement, and spontaneity with latency, and hang-ons. Traps PS are born professionals at this sensibility, and hit the nail on the head with this one. While normally you might feel a bit shorthanded with one their previous releases, New Chants circles around in and out of swirls of color, power, and intellect while finishing exactly where it is supposed to. A full meal with no desire for desert. A completed story. Presenting the band, and its efforts, exactly where they should be; in a more mature respected way. Stream, and purchase below.

Turnbull Green's 2014 "Jensen’s Recreation" (originally released on cassette on Papermade), featuring Travon Saenz (Mr. Kees), and Caspar Sonnet, is now available on all digital platforms.

TARtv - "Turnbull Green - Liberty St. (Official Video) Directed by Ian Newman"

TARtv - "Traps PS - Tradition (Official Video)"

Turnbull Green's new single "Liberty St." is out today and available on all digital platforms.

""Liberty St." is the new single from Turnbull Green self-produced and recorded in Los Angeles, CA in 2015 by Ian Newman. It was mixed by Tabor Allen (Cherry Glazerr) originally released as a split 7” with Those Darlins’ Linwood Regensburg on the (now debunked) label Burlei. It has been re-mastered for it’s 2018 digital re-release by Take A Record."

Turnbull Green - "Liberty St." on Itunes
Turnbull Green - "Liberty St." on Amazon
Turnbull Green - "Liberty St." on Spotify

New tune from our beloved friend Ian Vanek of Howardian. This one is a take on a Mary Lou Lord's version of "Speedy Motorcycle" (originally a Daniel Johnston song). Two covers later we are left with a screeching cry for freedom. A dire need. Not a choice, a necessity. Sip the peripheral tea elsewhere. There are no rear-view mirrors installed on this ride.

Get off. Leave the river of assimilating kool-aid to the lizards and bugs. Where is your will? "I'm sorry, I DON'T have the time." I DO have a saxophone. Drink up. Drink from the forbidden fountain. Lather yourself in it's indefinite milk. No end and beginning to this tale. Only now.

TARtv - "Traps Ps - New Chants(Live)"

Traps Ps have a new record out by the same name (New Chants) 8/17/18 on Innovative Leisure. You can pre-order the record, and listen to studio version of the single here. They are also embarking on a nationwide tour alongside label mates De Lux starting next week. Dates and cities below.

7/1 – The Smell – Los Angeles w/Post Life
7/15 – Ham & Eggs – Los Angeles w/The Molochs
7/19 – Alex’s Bar – Long Beach
7/28 – Valley Bar – Phoenix
7/29 – Lowbrow Palace – El Paso*
7/31 – Mohawk – Austin*
8/1 – Three Links – Dallas*
8/3 – Santos – New Orleans*
8/4 – The Masquerade – Atlanta*
8/6 – Union Stage – DC*
8/7 – Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia*
8/8 – Mideast Upstairs – Boston*
8/10 – Zone One – New York*
8/11 – Grog Shop – Cleveland*
8/13 – Marble Bar – Detroit*
8/14 – Schubas – Chicago*
8/15 – 7th St Entry – Minneapolis*
8/17 – Lost Lake Lounge – Denver*
8/18 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City*
8/20 – Neurolux – Boise*
8/21 – Vera Project – Seattle*
8/22 – Mission Theater – Portland*
8/24 – Cafe du Nord – San Francisco*
8/25 – The Atrium – Santa Cruz*
* w/ De Lux

Last month Caspar Sonnet (accompanied by Dehlia Ackley, and Mary Sapp) performed at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. The set was recorded and is now on Soundcloud. The results are a 25 minute long esoteric soundscape, traversing in and out of pure nightmare and bliss. If you have a minute or two, and feel like traveling to another dimension, the play button below my be a good way to do so.

Make sure to catch Turnbull Green this Sunday (3/18/18) in NYC at Bowery Electric (327 Bowery NYC, NY). He is set to hit the stage at 10pm.

Dollar Band (Dylan Sharp & Daniel Swire of Gun Outfit as well as Steve Urgo of Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band) have new tune called "Too Sensitive" included on Wharf Cat Records upcoming ACLU Benefit Compilation 2XLP due out April 20th of this year. More about the record here, track below.

Turnbull Green's new EP "Perfect" is out today and available on all digital platforms.

"Perfect is a joint EP by Turnbull Green and Caspar Sonnet, released by Take A Record on January 11, 2018. Turnbull Green’s Ian Newman wrote all of the songs (with the exception of “Only to Bleed, co-written by the two), which were recorded by Caspar Sonnet in Korea Town, Los Angeles. Both collaborated earlier on Turnbull Green’s EP "Jensen’s Recreation" co-released on Take A Record / Papermade Records in 2015 which resulted in the two re-interpreting most of the albums music along with the song “Girl Material” featured on Turnbull Greens debut LP "The Wolf In You" co-released on Take A Record / Daylight Curfew in 2013. "

Turnbull Green - "Perfect" on Itunes
Turnbull Green - "Perfect" on Amazon
Turnbull Green - "Perfect" on Spotify

New single from Andre Moya. It's called "Girl" and is a three minute and 41 second drive on an inner-state highway with Alf to planet funk.

TARtv - "Turnbull Green - Perfect (Official Video) Directed by Ian Newman"

Turnbull Green's new EP of the same name ("Perfect") will be released next month on Take A Record. Find more about the release and video here.

Ian Vanek's fifth album as Howardian, "All Songs Point To Bliss", is the closest thing to his origins as the co-creator of the beloved Brooklyn based fan favorite Japanther. Major Chords, Nostalgic Hip-Hop samples (Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It’s True), and a youthful will to live, all reel us back to a time when DIY concerts where being held on the Williamsburg Bridge, and riding a bike meant more than riding a coat tail (or an uber). An equal blend of soul, funk, hip-hop, and punk leaves any fan of Vanek's previous work in Japanther with the satisfaction of stumbling across a secret album that could of easily been released as a follow up to 2014's "Instant Money Magic" rather than this years September 22 release under the new solo moniker.

Seattle based visual artist, and musician Andre Moya self-released a new three song EP "Let It Ride" last week. Psychedelia overtones flushed with Americana flashbacks to body painted daisies and sun bleached flags. More "groovy", than "sick".

TARtv - "Blu and Exile - SOLD THE SOUL (Lyric Video)"