Turnbull Green's new EP "Perfect" is out today and available on all digital platforms.

"Perfect is a joint EP by Turnbull Green and Caspar Sonnet, released by Take A Record on January 11, 2018. Turnbull Green’s Ian Newman wrote all of the songs (with the exception of “Only to Bleed, co-written by the two), which were recorded by Caspar Sonnet in Korea Town, Los Angeles. Both collaborated earlier on Turnbull Green’s EP "Jensen’s Recreation" co-released on Take A Record / Papermade Records in 2015 which resulted in the two re-interpreting most of the albums music along with the song “Girl Material” featured on Turnbull Greens debut LP "The Wolf In You" co-released on Take A Record / Daylight Curfew in 2013. "

Turnbull Green - "Perfect" on Itunes
Turnbull Green - "Perfect" on Amazon
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New single from Andre Moya. It's called "Girl" and is a three minute and 41 second drive on an inner-state highway with Alf to planet funk.

TARtv - "Turnbull Green - Perfect (Official Video) Directed by Ian Newman"

Turnbull Green's new EP of the same name ("Perfect") will be released next month on Take A Record. Find more about the release and video here.

Ian Vanek's fifth album as Howardian, "All Songs Point To Bliss", is the closest thing to his origins as the co-creator of the beloved Brooklyn based fan favorite Japanther. Major Chords, Nostalgic Hip-Hop samples (Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It’s True), and a youthful will to live, all reel us back to a time when DIY concerts where being held on the Williamsburg Bridge, and riding a bike meant more than riding a coat tail (or an uber). An equal blend of soul, funk, hip-hop, and punk leaves any fan of Vanek's previous work in Japanther with the satisfaction of stumbling across a secret album that could of easily been released as a follow up to 2014's "Instant Money Magic" rather than this years September 22 release under the new solo moniker.

Seattle based visual artist, and musician Andre Moya self-released a new three song EP "Let It Ride" last week. Psychedelia overtones flushed with Americana flashbacks to body painted daisies and sun bleached flags. More "groovy", than "sick".

TARtv - "Blu and Exile - SOLD THE SOUL (Lyric Video)"

August 16th, the Los Angeles trio Traps Ps released a new record on their native label Papermade. Reeling in just under eight minutes long, "Lexicon Artist" doesn't waste any time getting right into the thick of things. Much like all of their previous releases, Traps relies heavier on the moment rather than the story. With some songs under a minute long, there is no time to waste.

With every new record the band seems to thicken the wall of sound and presentation, forwarding them away from any sonic jist, reaching further into their future limits. While no question of this record being heavy in an already slated band tradition, it seems to add two or three notches in volume to their already established bag of tricks. Melody finding itself more and more prominent vocally, allotting instrumentation to convey heavier visceral responsibility, creating even more space for each role to have its own pocket of sound. (An already elaborated strength of the band elevated further.)

"Kneeling Convex Retailer" being the furthest they have strayed away form their heavy groundwork, "Lexicon Artist" sounds more like a well welcomed "Real Corner Shock" 2.0. Any fan of Traps Ps would be happy to add this record to their collection with undivided trust of Traps' well rooted legacy and sound as well as enjoying a new slated level of maturity and growth.

**** The originally planned event at Nowadays on the 13th has been canceled due to weather precautions and combined with Fridays event at LPR. Updated information and flyer below. ****

Le Poisson Rouge presents "Spain Brooklyn Music Series 4" July 14th 2017 at LPR (158 Bleeker St, NYC) featuring El Guincho, Extraperlo, NOIA, Turnbull Green (Dj Set), and Vortex (DJ Set). Flyer below, more info here.

TARtv - Kenyattah Black ft. Vordul Mega - "If You Like It" (Official Video) Filmed, Edited, & Directed by Loukas Williams

Tim Harp & Jessie Martinez (Power Douglas) made a few remixes for Prodigy's last record that never came to light due to his preference to use their music in the future for original material. Unfortunately, his recent passing will keep that from happening. Hear their remix of "Tyranny" below.

Turnbull Green will be playing at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, NY 5/22/17. Poster by Nishat Akhtar.

Howardian is heading back on the road early next month. More info and dates below.

4 / 7 - Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
4 / 9 - Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
4 / 10 - Chicago, IL Knowhere
4 / 11 - St. Louis, MO Foam
4 / 12 - Columbia, MO Cafe Berlin
4 / 13 - Springfield, MO Outland Bar
4 / 14 - Kansas City, MO the Blind Tiger

JSB's Mark Palmer has made a strew of solo experimental albums in the past but nothing seems to be as emotionally striking, and focused as his latest ”We Are Not Made For Each Other”.

Directly referencing the end of an 11 year relationship with his wife, the record caries heavy weight effortlessly through numerous visceral landscapes, both past and present, as if to remind the listener "This to will pass". A crashing tidal wave of experience rolling over, leaving manicured cerebral sands polished as well as weathered. It's reflective and refractive at the same time driving you inside while painting a clear picture of a translucent exterior world ahead; neither of them more threatening nor overbearing than it's opposite. The pain and bliss of the record seem to share space effortlessly and intimately. A perfect marriage of past, present, and future moments perfectly collaged together with guitar, effect pedals, and vocals. Stream and download the record below.

TARtv - "Turnbull Green - Sandcastle (Official Video) Directed by Dylan Sharp"

Turnbull Green's self-titled sophomore LP "Turnbull Green" is out today and available on all digital platforms.

"Artist Ian Newman ventures into notably quieter territory with the new record from experimental art-punk outfit, Turnbull Green. While previous records "The Wolf You" and "Jensen’s Recreation" brought the artist favorable reviews for their off-kilter, multi-genre approaches, self-titled "Turnbull Green" takes the volatile mode of previous releases and turns it inside out; the result is a record that fixates, from start to finish, on its interiors. These songs, via atonal piano, soft-double-edged vocals, grave obsessions, and gentle dissonance, ultimately pile together to reveal their maker. This is a collection of intimate, solo recordings whose strengths hone in on human ambivalence, and the release marks a maturity in both sound and artist. Turnbull Green now counts humbleness as a strength.

"Turnbull Green" is comprised of fourteen tracks that are bound together by their swinging rhythm patterns and rewarding structures. Songs like "Dandy" and "Over-Exposed" churn at their hooks until they peel back to glimpses of cinema, tactfully placed by Newman. Patient vocals soothe a wistful lead in "Holding On" and "Nothing Left" evokes a familiar and violent sense of joy, both numbers revealing some of the artist's own dualities. Newman is sparse but graceful with his harmonica and electric riffs, bridges and outros consistently delivering the listener to a new landscape, if only for a moment. "Turnbull Green" is virtuous in his attempt not to soothe or provoke our emotions, but to reveal them for the soft bundles of chaos that they really are.

Turnbull Green is the indie project established circa 2010 by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist Ian Newman. "Turnbull Green - Turnbull Green" features contributions from Ryan Moutinho (Thee Oh Sees), Andrew Jeffords (Traps PS), and Jeffrey Davies (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). The record was mixed and mastered by Tabor Allen (Cherry Glazerr) and recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Fairfield, CT."

- R. Ramirez 2017

Turnbull Green - "Turnbull Green" on Itunes
Turnbull Green - "Turnbull Green" on Amazon
Turnbull Green - "Turnbull Green" on Spotify

Turnbull Green's new self-titled record is set to be released next month. The album artwork and track listing are now available here. You can preview the first single "Nothing Left" below. The track features contributions from Ryan Moutinho formally of Thee Oh Sees, and Andrew Jeffords of Traps Ps.

Last month Traps Ps released "Kneeling Convex Retailer", a new EP compiled of four songs, two of which written and recorded on tour in New Zealand and another two re-interpreted and recorded once home in Los Angeles.

Just falling short of six minutes long the record marks a significant departure from their past releases vocally and musically, lending influences from their eastern travels, and leaning more on the melodic side of things, all the while upholding the bands steady traditions and tone. It is a fresh new take for any long time fan of the group and a clean beginning for any new to their catalog. Preview and purchase the album below.

It's been ten plus years since we last heard a new Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile) record. This past Friday the wait was over after the duo offered "Dystopia" out to the world through multiple different outlets. Aloe Blacc and Exile have been making music together since the early nineties and are both pivotal characters in the Los Angeles Hip-Hop community, although Aloe has recently been receiving most notoriety through his musical contributions to the Soul / R&B side of things.

With LA's Blu being the only feature on the album, it remains tightly woven with the now 20 year creative marriage between Aloe and Exile providing an intimate bond exploring everything from police brutality, to aliens. It's jam packed with curiosity and awareness inviting the listener to take a break from the mundane, mindless thinking of every day for a more extensive thoughtful contemplation of existence. With Exile’s renowned production fully backing the album and Aloe’s beautiful wit and sultry strength behind the vocals there is already a surefire win supporting the record, add a listen below and guarantee the conviction yourself.


Take A Record is happy to announce we will be releasing Turnbull Green's self-titled sophomore LP "Turnbull Green" on January 11th of next year (2107). The album marks his first release since 2014's Jensen's Recreation.

TARtv - Howardian - "Box Turtle" (Directed by Lila Burns)

Esen's 2007 debut LP "Day of Atonement" featuring Bisc1, RECworm, Voisier, and others is now available on all streaming services.

With everything under the sun already presented to us as a whole musically, how do you find your way to originality outside of context? To a unique tone that honors the years behind it without falling short of newness. Personality. Yeah, there is always a far off galaxy to shed light on, but then the question lies in the idea whether or not anyone would even want to visit it. A place so far from everything, only vaguely resembling something you are familiar with, relies on a purer intent: an inherent charm. Bridging the divide.

Four records in, Howardian's Ian Vanek seems to be doing just that. His latest release "Do You Know I Wiggle" is by far the most developed, mature endeavor to date. It's haunting melodies paired with raw energy and emotion create a truth much realer than any of the previous attempts. The veil between his soul and its relation to the world around it is lifted up to the skies for the 30 minute runtime like a parachute in gym class grabbing everyone’s excitement to run underneath as it gently falls to the ground, encapsulating you in its safety. The in-utero warmth of knowing "We are all in this together". A good artist invites you into their heart for the reassurance that they feel too, and if your lucky, very similar to you.

Life isn't always easy, and it's clear with "Do You Know I Wiggle" that it might not have been leading up into the recording. With a world full of narcissistic tendencies, "ghosting", and emotionally unavailable people, there is a true friend to relate to at the end of and within this record that won’t ignore your problems. Your pain. Rather than pretending everything is fine for the sake of upholding a prestigious image, allow yourself to surrender, be honest, and hold hands with the truth that we all are fragile and susceptible to pain. No need to feel alone when you have a true friend like “Do You Know I Wiggle”.

TARtv - Sloppy Jane - "Aunt Rosie's Garden"

TARtv - "Bisco Smith - Process (Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Jasmine Angelique Smith - Music by: DFALT)"

C.A.V.E GALLERY PRESENTS “Process” - Solo show by BISCO SMITH Opening reception: Saturday, July 30th – 6:30pm – 9:30pm Exhibition Dates: July 30 – August 29, 2016

TARtv - "Denmark Vessey - Think Happy Thoughts (Produced by Exile)"

Once upon a time in New York there was a band called Power Douglas, originally founded as a three piece, occasionally hosting members of TV on the Radio, and Dragons of Zynth. They where an absolutely brilliant, groundbreaking group of musicians, and even more important, our dear friends. Swirling somewhere in-between our world, and another, the band left a single record on King Britt's Five Six Media behind before they dismantled. Two of the three founders (Tim Harp & Jesse Crawford) later moved on to starting a new band called Foster Care, leaving the dashiki's and delay pedals behind, and fully embracing the punk influence that wove it's way throughout their first astral incarnation.

Tim no longer in the band, and a LP in, Foster Care recently released Sterilization on Orlando based Total Punk Records. It's no frills, straight ahead approach is everything we want to hear in a punk record, and streaming below.

TARtv - Howardian - "Cinnamon Rolls" (Official Video)

Living in Los Angeles the musical spectrum tends to encapsulate itself in a reflection of its surroundings. Sun-washed, retro, contrived, and yes, even plastic at times.

There are rare exceptions that completely deny the seemingly inevitable, local cultural paradigms. Sloppy Jane most certainly being one of them. An all girl punk rock band more Charlie Manson than Sharon Tate. Their latest EP "Sure-Tuff" resembles a sped up episode of Care Bears, played in reverse, on acid. It's the handkerchief of formaldehyde we have been waiting to invite over our intake of California "fresh" air for quite some time. You can stream the album below.

Take A Record is happy to now include Imaginary Friends - "These Odd Years" in it's catalog.

"A brief look at the world. Some light at the end of the tunnel. Reconnection with a loved one, then slapped in the face by the same person. The best sex you've ever had. Moving into a new place. THESE ODD YEARS."

Imaginary Friends - "These Odd Years" on Take A Record (Album Preview)
Imaginary Friends - "These Odd Years" on Take A Record (Direct Download)

New release from Mark Palmer of JSB. "Limerence" consists of two, over ten minutes long, completely improvised songs celebrating freedom, and the art of a single take. You can download it for free, and stream it below.