James Lucius Gray
On a sandy shore, showered in the suns early bright white, and covered in salt from the sea, a baby boy was born. On this year, nineteen hundred and eighty, his father, an artist and sculptor, his mother, a ballet dancer, conceived and delivered this rocky marriage's crowning achievement: a son. His parents, disagreeable to one another, eventually parted ways and their son, James Lucius Pyle, a boy with shallow roots and bark thick and scarred from years of bad weather was uprooted from his stormy environment and nurtured back to health. And so began his complex journey into adulthood; from the dusty desert roads out west, to the rich grasslands and murky swamps deep down south. Through his travels, James was afforded the luxury of a well-rounded and culturally expressive childhood. He was influenced greatly by those dedicated to music, dance, and the arts. Today, you can find him pushing around town, through dense New York City streets. Weaving through traffic and flooding into bars with those well-poised and mischievous miscreants that make up Manhattan's Lower East Side scene. James, a member of the Team Animal Riot collective is currently establishing himself as one of the East Coast's finest nightlife connoisseurs and composers. An old soul with an eclectic taste in music, he's our friend and your favorite new DJ.
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