It was a weird time, or maybe it was a weird town. In any event, there really wasn't any music being made within a 15 mile radius of the small town in Connecticut where they all lived. There were no live music venues, no battle of the bands, and no basement shows. So maybe it was out of necessity that these kids found each other. Each one had such a vastly different musical background that at any other time or town there is a good chance it wouldn't have happened. But because this was that weird time, in that odd town, Jebrinklog Sonsince Bladunno did. Each one of them brought influence from what they knew best. (One preferred two hour tweezer reprises, the other :25 songs played as fast as possible, and the last a fan of songs about Satan.) Out of that clash of musical styles, that had no business being together, came some incredible songs. They were a band for around 3 or 4 years and a couple times a year they would play shows. Their live show was beyond innovative, from members switching instruments mid show, to playing a round of the classic board game Guess Who during a breakdown. Regretfully they only gave us one album during their run.