Esen - Day of Atonement
1. My Name is Ian
2. Sail Away (ft. RECworm)
3. Kid Stories (ft. RECworm & Deprave)
4. Jimini Cricket (ft. Bisc1)
5. Sunset
6. A.A
7. So Cool (ft. Voisier)
8. Perfect Grey Day
9. Seeing Seven
10. Day of Atonement
11. Stay Up (ft. Bisc1 & Voisier)
In a day and age where digital hi-fi rules the airwaves. Esen's lo-fi melodic undertones, and dusty record collection, makes for numbing compressed crackle that hits you just right in the 97 elbow. In all the right ways. Truthful lyrics, spread over sincere beats, made from flour and water. A true "indi" sound.