Bisco Smith x Peter Jay - Jackson P - EP
1. Star Dust
2. Corner Store Elixir
3. S.O.S
4. Spaceships
5. One Hundred (feat. Dj Dainja)
Jackson P, a nod to Jackson Pollock. Loose in the approach, free in the execution, and strong in its exhibition. Bisco Smith, an east coast native, now residing on the west. Along side Peter Jay, a west coast native now residing on the east. Their paths crossed in Brooklyn long before the Jackson P collaboration was a thought. Bisco / Bisc1 was frequent on the indie circuit performing and producing events, while Peter was DJing parties and producing records. Through the good people around them they connected and in time the duo was formed. The EP is a collection of songs created in the vein of groups such as Peter Rock and C.L. Smooth, Blu & Exile, and Gangstarr. The classic Mc and Producer combination. Jackson P is fully produced by Peter Jay, and solely written by Bisco Smith. The product is heavy sample based production, complimented by sharp, smart, and introspective lyrics. Turn it up and fly.