Fresh Eats Served Old
1. Wintermission (Esen-2004)
2. Home Recording (Courvoisier-1995)
3. Black Hole Livin (Mistah Metro & Esen-2004)
4. Love it or Leave it (Bisc1-2003)
5. Freestyle (Esen & Savager-2005)
6. Living Proof (Esen, Bsharp, Bisc1-2003)
7. Home Recording (Courvoisier-1996)
8. Freestyle (ActOne-2001)
9. Peace Peace (Fliks, Hit-Hard, Bilz-2005)
10. On the Under (Mistah Metro & Chazm-2003)
11. DGFU (Grimace-2004)
12. Home Recording (Courvoisier-1995)
13. Tired (Fliks, Esen, Concep-2005)
14. Dealing with the Fact (Meres TD4 & LordRoc-2003)
15. One Two (Bisc1-2002)
16. Home Recording (Courvoisier-1996)
17. Bad Cid (Grimace & Esen-2005)
18. 4ME2U (Esen & Bisc1-2003)
Remember when it was just for fun. When it didn't matter how much money you where making or how many albums you sold. When it just mattered how many bowls of Fruity Pebbles you could put back. "Fresh Eats" is a eclectic mix of classic material from the "wonder" years of many of the Take A Record family. Analog 4 track recordings at its best. Artwork by Matthew Hollister.