Turnbull Green - Turnbull Green
1. Third Side of Rail
2. Caldor
3. Sand Castle
4. Attention
5. Peel
6. Little Girl
7. Dandy
8. Nothing Left
9. Over Exposed
10. Glue
11. Best Friend
12. Indiana
13. Holding On
14. Always
Artist Ian Newman ventures into notably quieter territory with the new record from experimental art-punk outfit, Turnbull Green. While previous records "The Wolf You" and "Jensen's Recreation brought the artist favorable reviews for their off-kilter, multi-genre approaches, self-titled "Turnbull Green" takes the volatile mode of previous releases and turns it inside out; the result is a record that fixates, from start to finish, on its interiors. These songs, via atonal piano, soft-double-edged vocals, grave obsessions, and gentle dissonance, ultimately pile together to reveal their maker. This is a collection of intimate, solo recordings whose strengths hone in on human ambivalence, and the release marks a maturity in both sound and artist. Turnbull Green now counts humbleness as a strength.

"Turnbull Green" is comprised of fourteen tracks that are bound together by their swinging rhythm patterns and rewarding structures. Songs like "Dandy" and "Over-Exposed" churn at their hooks until they peel back to glimpses of cinema, tactfully placed by Newman. Patient vocals soothe a wistful lead in "Holding On" and "Nothing Left" evokes a familiar and violent sense of joy, both numbers revealing some of the artist's own dualities. Newman is sparse but graceful with his harmonica and electric riffs, bridges and outros consistently delivering the listener to a new landscape, if only for a moment. "Turnbull Green" is virtuous in his attempt not to soothe or provoke our emotions, but to reveal them for the soft bundles of chaos that they really are.

Turnbull Green is the indie project established circa 2010 by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist Ian Newman. "Turnbull Green - Turnbull Green" features contributions from Ryan Moutinho (Thee Oh Sees), Andrew Jeffords (Traps PS), and Jeffrey Davies (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). The record was mixed and mastered by Tabor Allen (Cherry Glazerr) and recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Fairfield, CT.

- R. Ramirez 2017