Turnbull Green - Heady
1. Head or Gut
2. Welcome to Swell A
3. Arnold Strokes
4. One Clutch Dutch
5. Jimmy Can Too
Turnbull Green presents "Heady". Five instrumental songs written and produced by Turnbull Green, released by Take A Record / Daylight Curfew August, 2013. If "Heady" encompasses one thing it's Los Angeles. Stemming from the outbreak in the LA Beat scene, to much weed, a passion for unquantized drums, clicks, pops, and anything with swing, "Heady" is a cerebral contusion of imagination leaving the listener not quite sure what they heard or experienced, dazed in a cloud of smoke, overwhelmingly high asking for another hit. It pushes boundaries only Turnbull Green would be willing to push, challenging the listener to look at music through a more refined lens and reveal its hidden secrets normally masked with today's homogeny, and repetitiveness brought on by the rigid guidelines and precisian of technology. A perfect juxtaposition of medium and spirit in a time when balance is constantly brushed aside for more and now, Heady is what every computer wishes it could be; alive. Artwork by Elise Deitch.