Peter Jay - Peter Jay
1. Indigo Dreams
2. Roller Coaster
3. I Think You're The One
4. Let It Go
On his new self-titled EP, LA-bred/Brooklyn-based producer Peter Jay has created his darkest and most engrossing work to date, a haunting avant-disco odyssey to the other side of the soul. At just over 11 minutes and with only four tracks, this is not a collection of singles. Rather, the individual tracks, each with its own rhythmic energy, come together by pulling from the same dark and visceral space making this a logical and cohesive collection. The album emerges out of what seems like a confused shuffle only to slide into the muscular drive of "Indigo Dreams" and setting the stage for what's to come - smeared keys, effervescent melodies, and deep bass grooves. This will fit nicely into your music collection right along with Caribou, Toro y Moi, and Matthew Dear's Black City. The dark paranoid intensity of "I Think You're The One" is a real standout. Fans of Peter Jay's previous work are familiar with his ability to make a dance floor move. However, this time, we are no longer enjoying the light summer breeze of a rooftop party at twilight - a feeling often evoked by his music - but instead, seduced by Peter Jay's deep croon into the seedy backroom of an underground nightclub where the waitresses serve cocktails in black-glitter roller skates, shimmering with neon reds and blues. This is the type of record to be enjoyed after coming home late at night from dancing at the club, with rhythms still fresh in mind - a party for the dark side of your soul.