Bisco Smith - The Broadcast
1. Tune In
2. Morning Breath
3. Vibrations
4. Time Zones (ft. Cassettes Won't Listen)
5. Railroads (ft. Human?, Grimace, & Esen)
6. Transmission Live
7. Never Know
8. Crooked Hearts
9. Fresh Water
10. Circuit Breaker
On The Broadcast, after nearly 4 years of notable releases and 4 projects, Mr. Smith has reached a new channel of art, awareness, and energy. With age comes experience and with experience change is born. From behind the microphone Bisco broadcasts his thoughts far and wide projecting to everyone inside of listening range. The production on the record is supplied solely by New York native J.vegus. J provides an electronic landscape filled with heavy drums and infectious rhythms that carry Bisco's words and emotions to channels previously untouched by the two. Although Vegus was very involved in Bisco's last album, the critically acclaimed When Electric Night Falls (2008, Embedded Music), this time he has single handedly worked to push sound in new directions, meshing hip-hop with a bit of down tempo, dubstep and electronica influences.